Friday, September 7, 2018

GoodMorning!😊 Friday

Once a hunter 🏹lost his way deep inside jungle 🌴🍃. He used all his navigation skills but neither did he find any way out of the jungle 🌴🍃nor could he find any food to eat for 8️⃣ days at a stretch. He started feeling so damn hungry 🍽 that he could eat an entire elephant🐘 at one go. Disappointed🙁, he lost 😔all hope. And that is exactly when an apple 🍎tree caught his sight👁. He collected a dozen apples 🍎to feed him for the rest of his search.

As he ate🍴 the 1️⃣st apple🍎, his joy😄 knew no bounds and he just couldn't stop feeling grateful 😌and blessed😇. He thanked 🙏life. He thanked 🙏God. He could not believe his luck when he ate the 1️⃣st apple 🍎but he was less grateful while having the 2️⃣nd apple 🍎and even lesser grateful when he had the 5️⃣th apple🍎. Somehow, with each passing apple🍎, the hunger 🍽still kept on increasing ⬆️and the joy☺️ kept on reducing ⬇️drastically. He just could not enjoy the 🔟th apple🍎.

Why? 🤔He had already taken for granted the gift 💝of having found an apple 🍎tree in the middle of a forest🌴🍃 after 8️⃣long days of wandering 🚶‍♂️with hunger. When he took the 🔟th apple🍎in his hand, he was still very hungry🍽 but he just did not feel like having it any more. Economics calls this D͌I͌M͌I͌N͌I͌S͌H͌I͌N͌G͌ M͌A͌R͌G͌I͌N͌A͌L͌ U͌T͌I͌L͌I͌T͌Y͌ . in simple words, it can be called taking things for granted. Or let’s just call D͌I͌M͌I͌N͌I͌S͌H͌I͌N͌G͌ G͌R͌A͌T͌I͌T͌U͌D͌E͌ 👉the 🔟th apple 🍎effect-.
The 🔟th apple 🍎did not lack taste😋, it did not lack the potential to satisfy his hunger 🍽 but the only thing lacking was his gratitude for finding food 🍲in the middle of the jungle🌴🍃.

The hunter 🏹represents us. And the apple 🍎represents the gifts💝that L͌I͌F͌E͌ gives us. The 🔟th apple 🍎represents our lack of gratitude for these gifts💝 of life and our ‘take everything for granted’ attitude. As we continue receiving the gifts 💖of life, our hunger, our greed keeps on increasing⤴️ and the joy we get from these gifts 💖diminishes⤵️.

The 10th apple 🍎is as sweet as the first apple🍎. If the 🔟th apple🍎 fails to give you as much pleasure as the first one, nothing is wrong with the apple🍎, everything is wrong with you. If you get bored on a dull day, it is not because the day is dull 😶and boring😴. It is because your gratitude has become dull and boring. The gift 💝of life for another day cannot be taken for granted. The 9th year of life should seem as exciting as the 16th year, as the 25th year, as the 50th year.

Never let the 🔟th apple effect’ make you take these gifts 💝of life for granted. Never let your gratitude🙌 for L͌I͌F͌E͌ fade away.